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Marble Tiles, Countertops granite, Crema Marfil marble and others

Whether you prefer Ceramic, Travertine, Granite, Glass, Glass Mosaic, Natural Stone or Marble tile about different origins (Crema Marfil), Light emperador, Dark emperador, or any brasilian, indian or spanish granite. an extensive selection awaits you.  The options are amazing and our experts are waiting to help you make the choices that will provide durability and beauty your family will enjoy for years to come.

The best spanish manufactureers with the most popular quarries of crema marfil

We carry brand-name manufacturer’s prices to your door from over 700 manufacturers, we control specially the crema marfil marble, and their authorized suppliers in the US and over 500 brand-name manufacturers from all over the world.  Don’t just dream about it, start creating your dream bathroom.  Let Barlter Marble and Tile help you find the look you want to make your bathroom design dreams come true.

Construction Warranty

Not only do we want you to be happy upon completion of your renovation project, but we want you to be happy going forward.  This is why we provide you with a, Bartler Marble and Tile, 2 Year Warranty on all work performed during your renovation.

On-Time Completion Guarantee

To ensure your satisfaction we guarantee you a start and finish date.  We understand how important it is that your remodeling project is done on time.  We will pay you $100 per day each day your project is delayed. Bartler Marble & Tile is the only design build firm that offers this “On time, On budget Guarantee”.
Some other spanish natural stones are:
  • Dark emperador, Its a dark brown marble with uniform background and high level of bright.
  • Light emperador, Like dark emperador but the brown color is lighter. Usually combined with crema marfil and dark emperador to produce gorgeous mosaics.
  • Blanco Macael, its a white marble (called blanco macael in spanish) with grey and white veins, uniform background with variety grey and white

  • Our service:

              Tile and/or backsplashes
              Replacing Cabinets
              Complete Renovation

              Custom Design
              Complete renovation
              Upgrading - replacing tile on the walls and floor, grout repair, molds and silicon replacing, sealer, etc..

    Company Profile:

    BARTLER MARBLE & TILE INC. was formed as family business late 1992 after its founders, Andy and Greg Bartler, discovered that their skill of labor and experience were becoming ever increasingly popular.

    Starting from their home office in Chicago, Bartler Marble and Tile Inc first supplied their products and labored to northern suburbs small tile stores and stone shops.  After a few months Bartler Marble & Tile received many orders from suburbs such as Lake Forest, River Woods, Deerfield, Highland Park, Winnetka, Wilmette, Evanston, Kenilworth, Park Ridge, etc..

    Bartler Marble and Tile now serves all of northern Illinois.  80% of Bartler Marble & Tile Inc orders are from happy costumers' recommendations of our renovation services to their family, neighbors and friends.  The remaining 20% by interesting work and unique designs of other projects, Bartler Marble and Tile are truly a dependable company.

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